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"Honmono" means "real"; therefore; based on the meaning "Honmono Sushi"

Chef Bantoon and Chef Boontham opened Honmono Sushi, the "Real Japanese Restaurant" in 2009
and Honmono Sushi has been renowned as one of the finest Japanese restaurants in Thailand ever since.
Our passion - Filled with a great passion in Japanese cuisine, we have been inspired to open a "Real
Japanese restaurant" in the heart of Bangkok. Our longstanding expertise in Japanese cuisine confirms
that "the extraordinary and diverse characters of Japanese cuisine is worthy to be explored and
experienced" and "our passion for creating new dishes is endless."
Our concept - Honmono Sushi is a place for authentic Japanese gourmet and an impeccable restaurant
for those who prefer great quality of fresh sashimi and other finest selection of ingredients. Our highlights
are not only the genuine taste of Japanese cuisine but also the special menu created showcasing the star
ingredients of the season. In addition, healthy dining is also one of our aims.
Our freshest and finest ingredients - Each ingredient has its own flavor, fragrance & texture, thus,
ingredient selection is the most crucial step in Japanese cuisine.
Our ingredient freshness control - Our ingredients are carefully and individually selected and directly
imported from "Japanese market" 5 times a week. Why not 7 days a week? The answer is simple! The
market is closed; otherwise, we would have.
Our finest ingredients Care is specially taken for seafood selection. Our fish is imported from
"TSUKIJI" fish market, the best and the most widely recognized fish market in Japan.
In Japanese language, "Honmono" means "real"; therefore; based on the meaning "Honmono Sushi",
we wholeheariedly guarantee the 'realness' of our sushi and cuisine.

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